Fountain & Specialty Syrups


Chocolate Syrups

Our chocolate syrups use a blend of only the finest imported Natural and Dutch cocoa powders and are extremely versatile. Use them as both a sundae topping and as a milk shake flavoring, or even for use in coffee and bar beverages. 

Packed 4 - 1 gallons per case.

Shake Bases

I.Rice offers shake bases in fruited varieties as well as traditional flavors.  Our Fruited Syrups are made with pumpable fruit pieces and fruit juice concentrates for use in deluxe milkshakes. 

Packed 4 - 1 gallons per case.

*Seasonal Availability

Frost Syrups

Specially formulated for Jet Spray type machines. Their excellent flavors are derived by using a high concentration of pure cane sugar, natural fruit juice concentrates and fruit purees. 

Packed 4 - 1 gallons per case.


Ready-To-Use (RTU) Syrups

These syrups are for use in Fountain, Vending and Snow Cone
(SNO BALL) applications. 

Packed 4 - 1 gallons per case

Pancake & Waffle Syrups

Our pancake & waffle syrups are thick, rich and flavorful. 

Packed 4 -1 gallons per case

Customized Formulas

I.Rice and Company, Inc. is at your service to manufacture products - either under Rice's Label or under your own private label. Our R&D Staff will meet your current specifications or will develop new products to meet your customers' ever-changing needs. Contact us for more information.

Packed 4 - 1 gallons per case.