Frozen Drinks & Smoothie Bases


Frozen Drink Bases

Many of our Italian ice bases can be used in granita and frozen cocktail applications as well.  For refreshing granitas, simply use  1 part base to  or 4 parts water. Select from any of our delicious offerings for use on your frozen beverage menu!

Bali Hai Cocktail Bases

Bali Hai Bases were specifically designed for blender use. They are shelf stable and do not require refrigeration. Bali Hai Bases are well known for their high concentration of quality fruit purees and juices. Recipes are available upon request and special order only.

Packed 6 - 1/2 gallons per case


Slush Flavors

These products are for use with any variety of slush or granita machines.

Packed 4 - 1 gallons per case

I. Rice Smoothies

Our smoothies are made with real fruit and fruit juices. They are also shelf stable - refrigeration not required - and can be easily mixed with yogurt or ice cream for a creamier product. Amazingly easy to make! Feel free to request a recipe. 
Special order only.

No Sugar Added Smoothie Base

Try our outstanding no sugar added, low-calorie line. Imagine, a real fruit, 12 ounce smoothie with less than 80 calories. Naturally-flavored, no sugar added bases.
Special order only.