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Fillings & Specialties

We offer a wide range of bakery filling products for wholesale and retail bakeries, snack manufacturers, and distributors. From bake stable fruit options, to creamy cake layers, and even no sugar added fillings, we develop recipes that meet the unique needs of every customer. We also offer a variety of specialty bakery ingredients, such as coatings, glazes, flavors, and delicious cream cheese fillings.

  • Tart Fillings
    The I. Rice line of Tart fillings is the gold standard in the industry. Packed with high quality whole fruits these fillings are ideal for any high fruit content application. Perfect for pies and fine pastries.
  • Fruit Fillings
    Within our fruit fillings, you’ll discover nothing but the finest assortment of fruits and berries, generously abundant in every spoonful. Our commitment to quality is evident in the remarkable proportion of real fruit within our products. This is especially true for our Multipurpose Fillings, Donut Fillings, and beyond, earning tributes from our customers who commend our products for having the highest percentage of fruit.
  • Oven Proof
    Our delicious assortment of Oven-Proof Fillings are specifically made for all your baked goods and pastries, guaranteeing that your Hamantaschen, Rugelach, or Danish Pastries are baked to perfection. What sets our Oven-Proof Fillings apart are that they will not bake out, they keep their consistency once you place them in the oven and are freeze/thaw stable.
  • Cream Fillings
    Our irresistible non dairy cream fillings, are a fusion of rich flavors and convenience. They require no refrigeration and hold Kosher Pareve certification. Their smooth, velvety texture enhances pies, cake rolls, and donuts, offering a delectable touch to your treats!
  • Natural Compliant
    At I. Rice, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our dedicated research and development efforts. We invest substantially to curate a premium selection of natural compliant and bake stable fillings and spreads.

At I. Rice we offer an assortment of other fine Bakery Specialties for various applications, including cream cheese based fillings, fudge bases, flavors, glazes, and spreads. Our dedication to excellence extends beyond our fillings as we carry a diverse range of premium bakery ingredients for any of your baking needs.

apple pie in a dish with a piece on a plate in the foreground