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Ice Cream


We use the best ingredients available to provide you with the premium products that your business and customers demand. From sweet and tart fruit purees, to rich ripples, there’s endless ways to make your ice cream offerings unique.

  • Ice Cream Bases
    From customary Chocolate bases, to creamy and decadent Dulce de Leche and Salted Caramel varieties, we make it all. From seasonal favorites like Pumpkin or Eggnog, or nostalgic classics including our Cookie Dough and Chocolate Chip. Whatever your customer’s tastes, we’re sure to please their palate.
  • Ice Cream Flavors
    Spice up your product line with our ice cream flavors. We offer a broad array of flavors including our sweet and fruity Strawberry flavor, classic Coffee, and refreshing Watermelon. These varieties are perfect for experimenting with limited-time seasonal offerings. An I. Rice exclusive collection, Alpha ice cream flavors are sure to bring you that nostalgic sensation.
  • Variegates
    Our variegates are there to add life to ice cream products. Elevate your treats by introducing a burst of color, enhancing texture, and enriching flavors of your offerings with these exciting additions. From fruit to fudge to peanut butter and more, I. Rice can make your wildest ice cream dreams come true.
  • Ice Cream Purees and Solid Pack Fruits
    Our delicious fruit purees are perfect for ice cream, sorbets or other frozen desserts. Our solid pack fruits are loved for their natural taste made with the finest harvested fruits and berries. These add-ins are perfect for elevating any ice cream treat.
bowl of chocolate ice cream with a tray of chocolates behind it