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Sauces & Syrups

I. Rice has a variety of sauces and syrups. Our Fruited Syrups, such as Strawberry and Banana, are made with pumpable fruit pieces and fruit juice concentrates for use in deluxe milkshakes.

Our chocolate syrups use a blend of only the finest imported Natural and Dutch cocoa powders and are extremely versatile. Use them as both a sundae topping and as a milkshake flavoring. Our Chocolate Syrups can also be used in coffee and bar beverages.

Our Ready-To-Use Syrups are ideal for use in Fountain, Vending, and Snow Cone applications – think childhood favorites like Blue Raspberry, Cotton Candy, Cherry, Strawberry, and Lemon-Lime.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to flavor profiles: S’mores, Mocha, White Chocolate Peppermint, even Raspberry, Mango, or Pumpkin Pie!

hot latte with chocolate sauce drizzled on top