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Many of our Italian Ice bases can be used in slush type beverages and frozen cocktail applications. For refreshing granitas or slush, simply use 1 part base to 4 parts water. Frozen Beverages take minimal ingredients and equipment, and offer a high profit margin menu option. From Mango and Strawberry to Mudslides and Margaritas, our catalog has you covered.

Experience the magic of our Frozen Beverage Program – a combination of innovation, flavor, taste, satisfaction and all served icy cold. From classic favorites to trendy twists, each frozen beverage is a burst of flavor in every sip! Whether it’s a vibrant slushie or a frozen latte, or if it’s a mocktail or cocktail, our program adapts to your needs.

Our Frozen Beverage Program is backed by the same commitment to quality that I. Rice provides to all of our product lines. We ensure that every frozen beverage uses the finest ingredients, and adhering to the highest standards of taste and presentation.

frozen cherry smoothy garnished with sliced cherries