Italian Ices, Bases & Flavors


Our flavorings are the key ingredient behind many of the finest brands of Italian-style Water Ice.  No other company knows more about ices than we do.

Having problems with your ices? Too grainy? Too icy? Too hard? Too soft? Our staff has gathered decades of hands-on experience perfecting the ideal Italian-Style water ice.

Whether your company operates batch freezers or high-speed continuous freezing equipment, I. Rice has the formulations, flavors and flavor bases that you require, be they natural, artificial or the unusual!

Our bases are a blend of fruit concentrates, purees, fruit acids and flavors. They will give your ices a delicious, natural flavor with a smooth product consistency.

Packed 4-1 gallons per case
Sugar-Free Ice Bases also available, contact us directly for information.

Flavor Concentrates


Use our flavor systems to create your own bases. For use in Bakery, Beverage, Confectionary, and Frozen Desserts applications. 




I.Rice is the standard in non-dairy frozen dessert stabilizers. 

Sorbet Base - our Sorbet Base is a simple to use liquid stabilizer and should be used at a ratio of 1 part Sorbet Base to 1 part Water Ice Base and 2.5 parts Water. Add Citric Acid as needed. I.Rice Sorbet Base is the stabilizer of choice for Classic Philadelphia and New York Style Ices and has been for decades.

Stabileez - a more concentrate liquid stabilizer system than our Sorbet Base and is designed to be used with varying degrees of water, sugar, citric acid, and flavor  systems.

Stabilizer Powder (10 lbs) - our most concentrated version of stabilizer and is to be used with varying degrees of water, corn syrup, sugar, citric acid, and flavor systems.

Sugar-Free Water Ice Mix - also available; contact us directly for more information.