Production and QA



Our operations cover approximately 140,000 square feet of production and warehouse space. With over two-dozen kettles, the production layout is flexible yet logically organized to produce a wide range of finished goods daily. Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to keep lead times low – providing you the freshest product possible. We have the capability to run small artisan batches or larger industrial-size volumes, depending on our customer needs.

QA and Safety

Product safety and consistency are our top priorities. Our Quality Control and Assurance staff have up-to-date training, certifications and equipment. We have a commitment to continued education and training for laboratory and production staff to ensure that every batch of every product meets or exceeds all customer and FDA requirements.

I.Rice consistently exceeds expectations as proven by the results of independent, third-party audits. Our track record has earned the trust of our customers who are among the largest food companies in the world.


  • GMP and Allergen Programs
  • HACCP Planning
  • SQF Level 3
  • Orthodox Union Certified Kosher